‘Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs’ at Les Arts Décoratifs

Celebrating Marc Jacobs 14 years at Louis Vuitton, Director Ruth Hogben and Creative Director Katie Grand have beautifully created Fan Club. All shoes, bags and accessories from the Louis Vuitton archive.

Direction: Ruth Hogben

Creative Direction: Katie Grand

Fashion: Louis Vuitton

Choreography: Les Child

Styling: Anders Solvesten Thomsen

Casting: Jess Hallett

Hair: Tina Outen

Make-up: Hiromi Ueda

Manicure: Marian Newman

Interiors: Decades of Glamour
Yelena Yemchuk: Ethereal Wonderland
Koh Samui Guest Stylist: Patrina Morris, Singer/Songwriter
Exhibition: Photography By Ewin Blumenfeld

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