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 amanda marcucci

I love Florence Welch and to have her not only wear the piece, but she asked if she could keep it was a massive compliment!- Jewellery Designer, Amanda Marcucci


Italian by blood but Navajo by nature, Jewellery Designer Amanda Marcuccimove to Austin, Texas certainly opened her eyes to many things- and crystals, turquoise & semi-precious stones were among them. It was through her travels that she discovered a passion for creating jewellery, as she experienced life in two magnificent cities; Milan & Paris.

After causing waves of success over in the Med, it wasn’t long before Amanda Marcucci’s jewellery begun gracing the pages of Vogue, Tatler and Stylist Magazine, adoring the neck of Miss Florence Welch.

With her rapid success in the bag and Summer just around corner I speak with Italian Jewellery Designer, as she shares her must-have for S/S13 as well as a sneak peak at her next collection.

Model: Amanda’s beautiful friend, Ulia Munstermann 


SV: So tell me a little about your creative background and what influenced you to become a jewellery designer?

AM: From a very early age I was fortunate enough to travel the world with my family. Having lived in Florence, Texas, Paris and Milan, I was immersed in Art, Culture and History. Always being attracted by style, clothes and costumes from around he world I was always very artistic and creative, learning how to sew and knit by age 10. Needless to say my Barbie was the best dressed girl in town!

I went on to study Fashion Design & Technology at The London College of Fashion, on leaving I started work at Vivienne Westwood and then on to becoming a Fashion Stylist.

It was purely by accident that I got in to Jewellery. One very busy summer back in 2008, I was heading to Ibiza, St. Tropez, and Sardinia, I wanted a cool collection of beach Jewellery that looked effortless on the beach so I designed a range of earring, bracelets and necklaces in various colours and stones. From the second I arrived in Ibiza it was crazy! People were taking orders off me on the beach just off what I was wearing! I came back to London with a stack of orders a pocket full of cash and a new business! Amanda Marcucci Jewellery was born!

SV: What do you enjoy most about designing and creating your own jewellery line?

AM: I love working with semiprecious stones, colours and textures! Being able to be creative in what I love and watching peoples reactions makes me so happy.


amanda marcucci

First image:  Green Agate & orange skull necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com

Image above: Agate necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com


SV: How would you choose to describe your style aesthetic in three words?

AMEclectic, bold, tribal

 amanda marcucci

Pink & Gold long Agate and Angel Necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com


SV: You’ve released two collections; Precious and Gypsy- tell me more about your influences behind each one?

AM: Precious is a more bold, statement and slightly more expensive collection that I created for a more high fashion customer, where as Gypsy is more everyday, beach and light for a more casual easy to wear look.


Fuchsia-angel amanda marcucci

Pink & Gold long Agate and Angel Necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com

SV: Not only are your designs absolutely beautiful, they also hold quite deep meanings- can explain why you choose to create pieces from Semi-Precious stones and crystals?

AM: I have always been quite spiritual and very much into the customs and beliefs of the American Indians, Mayans, Egyptians and so on. I  strongly believe in natural remedies and that nature has blessed us with everything we need to live a happy healthy life, including crystals and minerals whom each have there healing power and meaning.


amanda marcucci

Large Fuisha Pink Agate & Cobalt Blue Necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com

SV: I’ve got to say after doing a little travelling myself around Arizona I also developed an infatuation for Navajo pieces- how did your time living in Austin Texas influence you as a designer?

AM: Living with my family in Texas were the happiest years of my life!  Being surrounded by beauty and culture of the beautiful, spiritual and cultured American Indians. I was always drawn to the Silver & Turquoise jewellery, which still remains my favourite stone to this day. There costumes, look, beliefs and ways always drew me in. I remember my father would refuse to by me anything Indian from the White American mass produced stores, so any time I wanted a Navajo piece of jewellery or clothes he would take me to there reservations to spend time with the people and purchase directly from them.

Grey Agate Collar amanda marcucci

Frosted Grey Agate Collar Necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com


SV: What’s your favourite fashion store in London?

AM: Koh Samui of course is at the top, and I’m not just saying that! I remember back in the day when it first opened, it had that beautiful and colourful eclectic mix of fashion from around the world that I so love! You could travel the world in that store! I like small boutiques with edgy and different pieces and vintage. Felt, Pebble, Vitalised Vintage, Alva


Koh Samui- london store

Koh Samui. Photo credit: Koh Samui

SV: Where’s your favourite hang out in London?

AM: I love quirky little places, La Bodega Negra, The Montgomery Notting Hill, The Experimental cocktail lounge, Boo Bon Riccard. Anything different and edgy,

 La Bodega Negra

 La Bodega Negra 

SV: Stylist magazine recently featured singer Florence Welch wearing one of your necklaces ‘Egypt’- how does it feel to see you jewellery being worn by other influential creative types?

AM: AMAZING! I love Florence Welch and to have her not only wear the piece, but she asked if she could keep it was a massive compliment!


Stylist Magazine Florence Welch Cover

Florence Welch on the cover on Stylist Magazine. Inside wearing necklace by Amanda Marcuuci. Photo credit: Stylist Magazine


SV: Who would you love to see wearing one of your pieces?

AM: May beautiful women from all walks of life and cultures. I love strong women and earthy! Erykah Badu, Monica Bellucci, Sophia Lauren, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Grace Jones, Catherine Deneuve. But the person I respect the most, the strongest most beautiful of all is my mother Nannette and she has many pieces!

amanda marcucci

Yellow Butterfly Bracelet. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com

SV: Is there any jewellery designer’s you would love to collaborate with in the future?

AM: Not really to be honest. I would however like to work with local jewellers in Mexico, Texas (Navajo), Egypt, Africa and as many other areas as I can reach to collaborate on a line of Jewellery and Accessories that are Fair Trade and incorporate local products and design.


Amanda Marcucci Chunky Unisex Silver Skull cuff.

Chunky Unisex Silver Skull cuff    Buy online:  www.amandamarcucci.com

SV: Now spring & summer (fingers crossed) is on its way- what piece from your latest collection would you say is a must-have for S/S 13?

AM: Oh for sure it has got to be our Large 11cm Agate necklaces which are Ltd. Edition and quite simply gorgeous! There going to be featuring in Wyld magazine, Marie Claire and In Style May/June issues, but even I this weather they are running off the shelf’s!


amanda marcucci

 Green Agate & orange skull necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com

SV: Can you give us a little sneak peak as to what’s in store for your next collection?

AM:We Design and produce so quickly that every couple of months there are new pieces on there way. I would say our most recent are our gorgeous unisex Mexican Rosaries which are very bright and colourful and look great layered up on the beach!


Amanda marcucci

 Green Agate & orange skull necklace. Buy online: www.amandamarcucci.com



Discover & shop www.amandamarcucci.com


By Sascha Vine @ dropsofelixir.com

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